4 Natural Ways to Eliminate Your Eye Bags

1. The Cold Water Therapy Cold water is the way to go when you've got eye bags. Yes, it's as simple as dipping a clean piece of cloth in cold water and then touching it to your eyes for about 10 minutes each. Rest your eyes for the night and when you wake up, the hideous eye bags will be gone!
2. The Classic Cucumber Solution
You've probably seen it done on TV or in the movies--- the use of cucumber for removing eye bags. This classic solution is certainly effective, safe, and cheap. You just need to grab two slices of cucumber and place them on one eye each. Close your eyes and relax for about 10 to 15 minutes. The cucumber contains antioxidants that will do the trick in eliminating the irritation. Meanwhile, make sure the slices are cold so the cooling effect can help with the puffiness.
3. The Tea Bag Treatment
Your tea bags are actually worth more than just a healthful drink. Simply place them inside the refrigerator until they feel cold enough. Then you can position them on top of your closed eyes, just like what you did with the cucumber slices. With this treatment, your eyes will feel relieved and the eye bags will significantly be reduced. After all, tea is known to be a powerful antioxidant that battles aging. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties which significantly lessens swelling. Just make sure to use only green and black tea bags.
4. The Aloe Gel Remedy
You need to pick a leaf from a fresh aloe plant and squeeze the gel out. Now all you have to do is rub the gel on the eye bags in a gentle manner until you feel that it has been absorbed already. This aloe gel is great for giving a cooling and moisturizing effect. It's also known to keep the eye bags from appearing again. This is because the aloe plant is known to have great medicinal value. It's known for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, you can expect the gel not only to remove the eye bags but to rejuvenate the skin too.
These natural remedies are easy, quick fixes that have been used time and again by many individuals. They are safe, fast, and effective and will not burn a hole into your pocket. However, you must also do your part in the prevention of returning eye bags by getting enough sleep, not tiring your eyes in front of the TV or computer, and generally living a healthy lifestyle.
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