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Anti-Aging Tips - How to Cover Up Your Wrinkles

The "eternal beauty" that last for ever is whimsical. While no one can stop aging, it can be definitely slowed. Wrinkles, every woman's nightmare are the one to click the onset of skin aging. Most people can take extreme treatments to avoid these ugly wrinkles, while other just accepts these changes.
Nevertheless, growing old seldom means looking old, feeling old. How about getting bit active, looking better and younger - the natural way. Shriveled skin prematurely would surely mar your beauty. So here is a complete overview of skin aging and how you can cover up your wrinkles, including anti aging tips that work.
Skin Aging - Is divided into two parts
Intrinsic or Internal Aging
  • Collagen & Elastin - Aging decease the production of these two proteins. Collagen is responsible for making skin firm by ensuring tissue connectivity. Elastin on the other hand helps skin take its original shape after contracting or expanding.

  • Fat Loss - As you age, fat in the underlying tissues decreases. This apparently causes the skin to loosen-up, or what is commonly known as sagging skin.

  • Genes - This is hard to erase and comes coded in your gene pool. If your family has history of early aging, then chances are that your skin will start to wrinkle early.
External or Extrinsic Aging
  • Skin Tone - It is another sign of skin aging. Your skin starts reflecting dark spots and pigmentation with uneven skin shade.
  • Wrinkles - Crow feet, fine lines, laughing lines, under eye wrinkle all are one and the same thing.
  • Sun Burns - UVA & UVB rays coming form the sun can be damaging for the skin, they tend to destroy Vitamin A and cause sun burn.
How To Cover Up Your Wrinkles - 5 Instant Ways
  1. Facial and Massages - This increases blood circulation and instantly makes the skin to glow.
  2. New Hair Cut - Can style you in no time.
  3. Right Dress - Proper and suitable wardrobe choice can reduces your age drastically.
  4. Right Brow Shape - Eye brows impact your look immensely. Just consider reshaping them to suit a look that highlights you younger.
  5. Sparkling Smile - White teeth can remarkably enhance your look.
Skin Anti Aging - 5 Tips
Start Early - Aging is continuous process. If you want to look best as you get old then it is good to start early in life. This includes:-
  • Diet - Aging and dieting has a strong relation. Make your diet as healthy as possible.
  • Lifestyle - Active and a robust routine not only makes you healthy but energizes your body and reflects on your skin too. Researches have shown that exercise keeps your cell young.
  • Limiting These Foods - Fried food, sugar and items containing them, processed meat and caffeinated drinks
  • Adding these super foods - Allium vegetables, Barley, Green foods, Buckwheat, Beans, Hot peppers, Romaine lettuce, Sprouts and Tomatoes (Within Limit).
Avoid Sun - Cause the skin to wrinkle much early. So wear proper sunscreen, cover you face and skin when out in sun for long.
Facial Expressions - Squinting, winking and sleeping in wrong posture can influence your skin. They can put permanent lines on your face which will show early in form of permanent wrinkles.
Good anti aging cream - There are numerous anti aging creams in the market. You can always go for best anti aging cream. Most probably get anti wrinkle cream which has vitamin C, and all efficient anti aging ingredients.
Avoid Smoking & Alcoholic Drinks - It would a plus point if you're non smoker and drinker. If you're in habit of both, advice would be to limit and reduced it.

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The five best home remedies for colds, coughs and the flu

From the pantry to the bedside, home remedies you can make in a snap help prevent seasonal colds or cure a stubborn case of the flu.
Garlic tea immune enhancer
A well-known immune system strengthener, garlic shines as an antibacterial and antiviral herb for fighting colds, coughs and the flu. One of the best ways to take advantage of garlic's healing properties is by drinking fresh garlic tea. Sweetened with a little raw honey, it's delicious and helps to heal what ails you. Peel 2 to 3 cloves of fresh garlic and lightly crush them with the side of a wide knife blade. Add them to 2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for another 15 minutes. Strain the garlic and allow the tea to cool to mouth temperature. Add raw honey, a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. Drink as much as desired.
Red onion and raw honey cough syrup
A wonderful home remedy for adults or kids suffering from a cough uses brown cane sugar, raw honey or stevia and red onions to make a soothing and tasty cough syrup. Wash, peel and slice the entire onion horizontally. Starting with the base of the onion, layer the slices in a bowl alternating with layers of raw honey or brown sugar. Stevia powder works well for this home remedy too; however, it is extremely sweet. Continue adding layers of onion and sweetener until the entire onion is reconstructed in the bowl. Cover and allow the sweetened onion to remain in the bowl on your counter for about 12-15 hours or overnight. The next day, there will be about a cup or more of sweet syrup in the bowl. The cough syrup contains a range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the onion and the honey to help fight infection and soothe sore throats and quiet a cough. Take a spoonful as needed. Has no onion-y taste. 
Raw honey and lemon for sore throats
A mixture of fresh lemon juice and raw honey provides soothing relief for sore throats and helps stop the tickle that stimulates coughing. Raw honey -- with all its components including royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen -- is high in nutrients and enzymes which kill bacteria and viruses. The vitamin C and antioxidants found in fresh lemons boost the immune system, speeding healing. Together these two home remedies are a powerhouse for getting over a cold and sore throat. Mix the juice of 1/2 the lemon with 2 to 3 tablespoons of honey and sip throughout the day as needed. 
Chicken soup antiviral 
Chicken soup really does act to knock out a cold or the flu and hasten healing. As long ago as the 12th century, the Jewish physician Maimonides recommended consuming chicken soup to fight colds and flu. Take advantage of the high antioxidant properties and nutrients found in organic vegetables and chicken. Although non-organic chicken soup may relieve some cold symptoms, it also supplies the body with pesticides, growth hormones, herbicides and antibiotics that are not recommended for well being. Go organic all the way and get well quickly. 
Mullein tea for coughs and congestion
Mullein tea is well-known for relieving chest congestion from coughs, colds and the flu. It acts as an expectorant, loosening trapped mucous and soothing sore throats. Make mullein tea by filling a tea ball or strainer with dried mullein herb and steeping in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Sweeten with raw honey and drink as needed to relieve symptoms.
Sources for this article include:
University of Maryland Medical Center: Cough Coughs
Linus Pauling Institute: Garlic and Organosulfur Compounds
Office of Health Promotion University of Utah: Cold, Flu and Sore Throat Herbal Medicine for Flu
By: JB Bardot 
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Green Tea a Natural Remedy for Patients Suffering From Prostate Cancer

When you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, it is not only you affected by this condition, but also the beloved ones around you. Many patients are supported by their families when any type of cancerous condition appears within the core of their family life. With so many cures that medical world has advanced lately thanks to their researches, everybody hope that some day a cure will be found also for this condition.
Until then, patients and their families alike try to find ways to prevent this condition from advancing. This article is meant to bring into your attention some of the headlines appeared in various publications about the connection found between prostate cancer and green tea.
While not all these articles are supported by actual scientific researches many people tend to cling to them with that desperate hope of a person who has nothing to lose. But we will further focus on the points that this topic has become the subject of debate in many publications.
* First of all, those who are too deeply sunk into the conventional ways of treating cancerous conditions have never proclaimed green tea as a successful cure for this condition. But on the other hand, there wasn't any debate on the prevention that this herb can bring when it comes to its quality in preventing this condition from manifesting.
* Secondly, no one can question the existence of antioxidants presented in all sorts of herbs, veggies and fruits. These antioxidants whoa re known to increase immune system and fighting the free radicals that are responsible with many diseases developing at the level of our body system. Green tea therefore has been found to be the richest plant in Catechins (the antioxidants presented with this plant). As a result, green tea will reduce the potential of different carcinogens of provoking that toxicity that generates prostate cancer condition and as such other cancerous conditions.
* Another fact that can not be defeated, is that green tea will inhibit the formation of cancerous growths (tumors) precisely because of the presence of these antioxidants in such a large number.
Other than all these, we see ourselves forced to let you judge all these while drinking green tea in the meanwhile. Is it miracle or not? Only time can tell its effects, but one thing is for sure: it won't hurt to have a cup of this tea in every day of your existence.
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Home Remedies for Toothache

Nearly everyone had been in a situation needing a home remedies for toothache. That's why I made this pretty collection of well proved home remedies for toothache. I summarized all the well and lesser known old and new natural remedies for tooth pain.
Cause of Toothache

  • Dental caries (tooth decay): a small cavity in the protective enamel of the tooth can lead rapidly to tooth decay. If left untreated, the tooth beneath the enamel will begin to rot, it attacks the deeper structures of the tooth, causing toothache. When the process progresses the inner core (pulp) becomes affected and infected the tooth may die. In case of dental caries home remedies represent only first aid help, please organize a dental treatment!
  • Abscess: an accumulation of pus in or around the root of a tooth is known as a dental abscess, which can be agonizingly painful and may cause swelling (a gum boil). Home remedies can help to burst the gum boil, disinfect and clean the surrounding area. Even then, a visit at the dentist is necessary to clarify the underlying cause of the abscess.
  • Gingivitis (sore gums):inflammation of the gums, when the gums become purple-red, soft, shiny and sensitive and bleed easily especially when you clean your teeth. If gingivitis is left untreated, then pockets of infected pus can develop at the base of teeth, followed eventually by gum boils and loose teeth. Home remedies for toothache may give a tremendous help, keeping gums healthy or healing gingivitis.
  • Teething: is the process when milk teeth erupt from the gums in young children. It can be very painful, gums are swollen and red. A similar situation occurs in young adults, when wisdom teeth erupt. Wisdom teeth may cause a lots of pain as well.
  • Radiation: pain radiates from a nearby structure resulting the feeling of toothache. The most important causes:

  • sinus problems,
  • trigeminal neuralgia etc.
  • Best is to clarify the situation with a specialist and tailor the treatment according to the underlying cause.So, lets see now our valuable home remedies for tooth pain:
    The best old home remedy is CLOVE (Syzygium aromaticum)
    1. The most simple possibility is to hold a whole clove or a few cloves in the mouth near the painful tooth and chew or suck it.
    2. Another kitchen option is using clove powder around the tooth or fill the tooth with the powder. You can empty a teabag and put the clove powder in the empty teabag and place this clove bag in the mouth.
    3. My last suggestion is aromatherapy for toothache: using clove oil (essential oil of cloves). Rub the oil on to the aching tooth and around the gum this will anesthetize the whole area. Don't over-use it or you may burn the gum. You can also dip a piece of cotton wool into some clove oil, roll into a ball and stick it into the painful part of the tooth. Clove has antiseptic and painkilling properties, which work immediately after administration. Within 5 minutes you should be pain free.
    If you don't have garlic at home, you can use a piece of raw ONION (Allium cepa) and keep inside the mouth, it relieves the pain and is antiseptic. If you can't stand the smell of onion or garlic, than you may try GOLDEN SEAL, the yellow root (Hydrastis canadensis) and old folk medicine in the US. You can use a piece of the yellow root itself or Golden seal tincture - put it on the affected area (it especially helps with abscess). Leave it in your mouth as long as you can stand it. More home remedies for toothache
    Dentists often suggest an ICE PACK in case of oral inflammation. It helps with the swelling and keeps the infection from spreading. Put it 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off. It is better using ice cubes, than deep frozen stuff. You may combine it with any other methods, mentioned earlier.
    There are dozens of homeopathic remedies working well in toothache. Without knowing the cause of the pain, I suggest following remedy combination:
    • COFFEA C12 and
    • PYROGEN C12
    Taking alternately every 30-40 minutes for a couple of hours (2-3 pills dissolving under the tongue). You may use it together with other home remedies.
    Please, visit your dentist regularly!
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    Do You Know The Symptoms Of Psoriasis?

    Man, I'm so tired of reading everybody's stuff about Psoriasis, especially this topic, because obviously they never had Psoriasis. My Psoriasis began when I was 25 years old and I'm 59... and it is only as recent as two years ago that I really and seriously did something about improving it. So do you think I know something about the symptoms of psoriasis?
    First, I'll tell you how it started and what I think could have triggered it based on my past research. Then, since I've had psoriasis from toe nails to scalp, I think I'm quite capable of describing the symptoms. What do you think?
    Here we go. I was driving a Cutlass Supreme at the time and it was summer in Montreal. Sticking my arm out the window to wave to my wife, the chrome piece of molding along side the door panel was damaged and made a nice scratch on my left forearm. Thinking nothing of it... I went on my way. Little did I know then, that I had just been subjected to toxins, bacteria, and whatever, from that piece of molding. The beginning of mine which spread to my elbows first.
    I hate it when people say that the symptoms of plaque psoriasis, as an example, is red... itchy skin...covered with silvery scales. Hello, this is not a symptom... it's a full blown psoriasis. Now do you see what I mean.
    In all forms of psoriasis except maybe behind the ears, you will first experience very small or a tiny red pimple or pimples wherever it is starting. However, this pimple doesn't hurt like a regular pimple, it's itchy. It's when you go scratch at it that you'll feel relieved while at the same time removing a small piece of skin. That my friends, is a tiny silvery scale, your first symptom.
    Thinking nothing of it, more of these little pimples will begin to show up, and as usual, you'll scratch and remove to relieve the itch. As new ones develop... the old ones are beginning to show sign of growing (getting bigger). Yo scratch and remove a bigger scale. Eventually, the start joining together. Those are the true symptoms of psoriasis... nothing else.
    If you see your toe nails getting thicker or yellowish, this is a sign of bacteria, toxins, parasites etc., the root of psoriasis... another symptom of psoriasis. If you see your finger nails become pitted, this is another symptom of psoriasis.
    If you see or feel flaking or cracking behind the ears... that's another symptom of psoriasis. Inflamed or swollen patches are also another sign.
    So my advice to you is when you see any of those symptoms, don't run to your dermatologist so he can prescribe cream! Your wasting precious time. Your goal is to kill the toxins, or parasite thats giving you the psoriasis... and change your diet not to get reinfected.
    Best of luck!
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    How to prevent kidney stones with everyday foods

    (NaturalNews) Passing them is described by those who have experienced their terror as one of the worst pains known to man, exceeding even the pain of childbirth. But kidney stones do not have to be a constant worry on your mind, especially if you are taking proactive nutritional steps on a daily basis to dissolve and eliminate any that might be cropping up. Here are a few helpful tips for preventing kidney stones with everyday foods and dietary interventions:

    1) Drink plenty of clean water. This point simply cannot be overstated, as pure, fluoride-free water truly is the master cleanser when it comes to maintaining clean kidneys that are free of stones and other toxic buildup. Drinking at least four liters of water every day will not only help prevent kidney stones from forming, but also quickly eliminate any small stones that may have already formed. Some health practitioners also recommend drinking distilled water to prevent and flush kidney stones.

    "The single most important step for preventing kidney stones is to drink plenty of fluids each day," explains a 2001 issue of Healthwire. "Water is best and most physicians recommend three to four quarts daily. Patients who do no more than increase their fluid intake cut their rate of stone recurrence by 50 percent."

    2) Add fresh lemon, lime and apple cider vinegar to daily beverages. Taking this a step further, adding fresh lemon or lime juice, or apple cider vinegar, to your beverages throughout the day will help alkalize your body, effectively blocking the formation of kidney stones. These alkalizing juices will also help quickly dissolve any existing stones that might be present in your kidneys, keeping them clean and stone-free.

    "At the first symptom of stone pain, mix 2 oz of organic olive oil with 2 oz of organic lemon juice," writes Dr. Ed Group on his Natural Health & Organic Living Blog about how to eliminate kidney stones naturally. "Drink it straight and follow with a 12 oz glass of purified water. Wait 30 minutes. Then, squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon in 12 ounces of purified water, add 1 tablespoon of organic raw apple cider vinegar and drink. Repeat the lemon juice, water and apple cider vinegar recipe every hour until symptoms improve."

    3) Eat foods that are naturally high in calcium. This point may run contrary to your existing line of thinking as far as kidney stones are concerned, but natural calcium is actually beneficial for preventing kidney stones. According to a recent study published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, dietary calcium actually binds with calcium oxalate, the substance that makes up most kidney stones, and crystallizes and flushes it from the body before it has a chance to form into stones.

    Because of this, many experts recommend eating more foods that are naturally high in calcium to prevent kidney stones. Based on actual calcium absorption rates, the best foods in this category include leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, nuts and seeds, and raw, grass-fed milk and butter. As a side note, studies have found the exclusively vegetarian diets are linked to higher rates of kidney stones, so be sure to include saturated fats from coconut or palm oils to help balance your fat intake if you do not eat meat products.

    4) Supplement with magnesium citrate, B vitamins every day. One of the first things that hospital ERs administer to patients admitted for kidney stone pain is magnesium citrate, a natural mineral substance that counteracts the oxalate minerals in many foods. For maximum kidney stone prevention, be sure to eat plenty of magnesium-rich foods every day -- these include avocados, broccoli, raw cacao, beans, bananas, and lentils -- and take a high-quality magnesium citrate supplement like Natural Vitality's Natural Magnesium Calm. Also, it is recommended to supplement with a whole food-based B vitamin complex supplement like MegaFood's Balanced B Complex every day to prevent kidney stone formation.

    5) Stop drinking soda pop. One of the worst foods you can consume for kidney stones is soda pop beverages, which greatly acidify the body due to their high phosphoric acid content. There is a lot of misinformation out there about soda and its effect on kidney stones -- a 2010 study actually purported that diet soda can help prevent kidney stones -- but the truth of the matter is that regular consumption of soda pop is a direct contributor to kidney stones.

    6) Stick to a 'low oxalate' diet. Though most of the previous recommendations will help naturally counteract the effects of oxalates in your body, you can also eliminate high oxalate foods from your diet if you have a propensity for kidney stones. Such foods include black tea, grains, and certain nuts and vegetables. You can learn more about a "low oxalate" diet by visiting:
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    The lemon detox diet - a recipe that really works

    (NaturalNews) Ever since Beyonce Knowles was associated with the Lemon Detox diet, there has been a surge of interest in this particular program. Also known as the Master Cleanse, this detox diet has been around for almost 50 years and has seen variations on its recipe and program. It's effectivity in breaking down built up toxins in the body while contributing to short term weight loss has made it a popular option for a spring detox. 
    Reviewing the Master Cleanse
    The Lemonade Detox diet first became effective, strangely, when its creator, Stanley Burroughs, recommended it for the healing of stomach ulcers. In his book "The Master Cleanser", he goes on to share how he first came to test the Master Cleanse diet on a patient who was suffering from ulcer for three years. Left with no other recourse, the patient approached Stanley who recommended that he undertake the cleanse. After eleven days, the patient was totally healed to the amazement of the doctors. Many other cases followed with same consistent and astounding results corrected within ten days. Of particular note also was that those undergoing the Master Cleanse also experienced a reduction in weight.
    If there have been doubts as to the veracity of Stanley Burrough's claim of the Lemon Detox diet's effectivity, there have been testimonies over the years of its efficacy. Of recent vintage is Tom Woloshyn's work, "The Master Cleanse Experience", published by Ulysses Press in 2009. This book briefly mentions Woloshyn's experience in advising clients who has undergone the Master Cleanse program and provides among other insights health benefits which include better sleep, positive outlook, clarity of mind and freedom from addictions. He, thus, advocates keeping a journal to monitor developments as well as a reference for future use when undergoing the program for the second or many more times over.
    The Master Cleanse operates on the principle that, for disease to be addressed, cleansing must be undertaken. Simplifying and correcting disorders through this process is actually a way of correcting every disease. Developments in nutrition and science have clearly identified improper diet, negative mental attitudes and inadequate exercise as the factors that create the conditions to produce toxin build up over time. That is why the Master Cleanse is not an end to itself. It is actually just the tip of a long chain of healthy decisions of those who wish to undertake it. Observing a healthy diet, regular exercise as well as stress reduction is essential in maintaining the gains that the Master Cleanse Detox diet can offer. 
    Surrendering to the process
    Undergoing a detox diet is just like preparing for a marathon. It is necessary to keep sight of your goals or you stand to be cast in the wayside, a victim of your doubts. Tom Woloshyn offers this delightful insight when encouraging first timers who wish to undertake the Master Cleanse, fully knowing its side effects firsthand. Defining the outcome after having identified where you are, and what you want to achieve is the next step to achieving the goal you have set for yourself.
    According to Woloshyn, some people prepare themselves before undergoing the detox by going on a vegetarian diet. It's less stressful on the body and makes the transition to the Master Cleanse easier. For those who regularly take coffee or soda drinks, a gradual reduction in intake are recommended as well as taking pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5) to help prevent the onset of headaches brought about by caffeine withdrawal.
    People who have undergone organ transplants as well as those on immune suppressant drugs cannot take the fast. Woloshyn warns that the cleanse stimulates the immune system while effectively inhibiting the results of the drugs, this combination will most likely lead to the organ transplant being rejected by the body. 
    How to do the Master Cleanse
    The Lemon Detox diet is a cleansing program and encourages only the intake of lemonade made from the following ingredients: lemons, pure maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water for a minimum of ten days only.
    To create the mixture, mix the ingredients in the amount instructed by Burroughs and drink a minimum of at least six to twelve glasses of the concoction daily through out the day. Drink the lemonade whenever hunger pangs strike.
    A laxative must be taken in the morning and then in the evening. Using a salt water flush instead of a morning laxative can also be availed of instead. However, be sure to observe at least three bowel movements in a day. This will ensure that the waste accumulated in the intestinal walls is totally removed.
    Always enjoy the Master Cleanse lemonade drink fresh and do not subject it to microwave as doing so will minimize its effectiveness. For each successful day, the psychological need to eat is slowly overcome full, providing confidence and a sense of control that motivates the person undergoing the diet.
    Breaking the Master Cleanse is just as critical as starting it. On day one coming off the fast, immediately after the end of the master cleanse, slowly introduce orange juice into the diet. Day two will see the introduction of vegetable soups and broths. Day three observe a diet of fruits and vegetables. Be careful not to overeat or eat too soon and drink plenty of water. Slowly ease your self to a normal diet and avoid meat, fish, milk and eggs.
    After undergoing the Master Cleanse, it is advisable to eat wisely. The gains derived from the Master Cleanse diet will surely be a powerful foundation to change old habits and start a life free from disease. 
    The lemonade recipe
    The original recipe by Stanley Burroughs produced fantastic results for almost 50 years. However, some have been promoting alterations of the original recipe. The problem with this arrangement is that they are done without understanding why the original ingredients work. Since the Master Cleanse is essentially a juice fast, adding shakes, cayenne pepper capsules or protein powder in an attempt to improve its efficacy is self defeating because it reduces the efficacy of the diet.
    The purpose of the program is to give the digestive tract a ten day vacation, so adding things to be digested does not contribute to the objective of the diet. Stanley Burroughs in fact discourages the intake of supplements and vitamins during the program because it interferes with the body's elimination system. Furthermore, the natural sources of vitamins and minerals already found in lemon and the maple syrup already provide for the body's needs during the detox program.
    Other alterations include mistakes in the ratio of water through modification of the original recipe and dilution. This modification defeats the purpose of the minimum 6 drinks a day because it is more than the amount of water required. It is best to remember that variations on the process and especially in the recipe will not produce the results that originally worked for the many that faithfully followed the original Master Cleanse program and lemonade recipe.
    This is the classic single serve recipe provided in Stanley Burrough's book:
    2 (tbs). of lemon or lime
    2 (tbs). of genuine maple syrup
    1/10 tsp cayenne pepper
    10 oz. water (hot or cold as preferred)
    For those who cannot enjoy their lemonade, Tom offers this alternative:
    1. Mix equal parts of lemon juice and maple syrup as a concentrate in a dark container. Keep this mixture cool.
    2. Make enough concentrate for as long as you are incapable of making the fresh lemonade juice.
    3. Every time you want a glass of lemonade, measure 4 tbs. of this mixture in a glass.
    4. Add water and cayenne pepper, stir and drink. The maple syrup preserves the lemon juice and prevents oxidation of the vitamin C and enzymes.
    Tom Woloshyn fondly recalled Stanley Burrough's remarks. He was said to have repeated many times over a phrase most technical people use when instructing frustrated customers, "When all else fails, follow the instructions." In order to ensure success and experience the benefits of the Master Cleanse Detox diet, it is essential to understand how to do the program properly. Faithfully following what has been prescribed is the first step in this direction.- naturalnews
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    Benefits of Ginger - Homemade Skin Care

    There are numerous benefits of ginger and it's used in a variety of ways! Ginger is the rhizome of the plant Zingiber officinale. A rhizome is the horizontal stem of a plant usually found underground. Roots and shoots grow out from its nodes. Other names for rhizome are rootstalks or creeping rootstalks. Hence, you may have heard the common name of ginger referred to as root ginger or ginger root.
    Ginger is a perennial, reed like, plant growing three to four feet tall. It produces clusters of white and pink flower buds that bloom into yellow flowers. Because of its appealing beauty and attraction to warm climates, it's used as landscaping for many subtropical homes.
    Ginger has a sweet and spicy aroma. Young ginger rhizomes are juicy, fleshy and have a very mild taste. It's picked and used as an ingredient in cooking dishes or steeped in boiling water for ginger tea. Powdered dry ginger is often used as a flavoring for snacks: candy, bread, cookies, crackers, cakes and more. Mature ginger roots are fibrous and nearly dry. The juice from these roots is extremely potent. It's used as a spice or flavoring for Chinese, Japanese or many South Asian cuisines.
    Ginger was originally cultivated in South Asia. Top producers are now found in the countries of: India, China, Indonesia, Napal, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Historically, the medicinal term for ginger was Jamaican ginger. It's now cultivated in Jamaica and comes into this country dried and preserved. Ginger from the West Indies is considered to be the best.
    Ginger contains essential oils, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, choline, folic acid, inositol, manganese, panthotenic acid, silicon and a small amount of vitamin B3.
    Relieves or reduces: nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, motion sickness, the pain and inflammation of arthritis, anxiety, depression, upset stomach, colds, coughs, asthma, bronchitis, flu, sore muscles, headaches, menstrual cramps and more.
    It stimulates poor circulation and appetite. Some studies report it may help prevent heart disease with its, possible, blood thinning and cholesterol lowering properties. It has antioxidants benefits with more than twelve types of antioxidants! Blue ginger, from Madagascar, has a particularly potent antioxidant! CAUTION! Although ginger is recognized as safe, it may cause allergic reactions such as: bloating, gas, heartburn, belching and more.
    Ginger essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the rhizome root and yields about 3% oil. It has a pale yellow to dark amber color with a strong, or sharp, spicy-warm aroma. It has invigorating, energizing, stimulating, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. Ginger essential oil is not recommended to use internally.
    Helps: clear bruises, carbuncles, sores on the skin, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle aches and pains, relieve acne, lighten age spots, fight skin damaging free radicals, reduce cellulite, promote smoothness and evenness of skin tone, decrease inflammation, increase radiance to skin, provide aromatherapy benefits and more!
    This oil is used in many commercial and homemade skin care products: soaps, shampoos, balms, body scrubs, creams, lotions, bath oils, massage oils and more. Ginger oil blends well with: bergamot, frankincense, neroli, rose, sandalwood, yiang-yiang, patchouli, rosewood, cedarwood, coriander, lime, grapefruit, geranium, spearmint, lavender, orange, vetiver and other spice or citrus oils. It's a non-toxic and, mostly, non-irritating substance, except when used in higher concentrations.
    CAUTION! Ginger oil can irritate skin and cause photosensitivity, (sensitivity to sunlight). It can cause allergic skin reactions such as rashes, hives, redness or other skin irritations. Those with sensitive skin should either avoid using ginger oil or use with extreme caution. Stop using any products containing ginger oil, immediately, upon signs of skin irritation. If symptoms persist, seek advice from your medical health provider.
    Some just love that distinctive scent of ginger in their soaps! Ginger is used for making soap but it should be used with extreme caution. If you are just learning how to make soap, do not use ginger or ginger oil without the guidance of a master soap maker. As mentioned previously, ginger can be very irritating for some. Understand all about ginger before using it, in anyway. Use this soap making oil with other citrus or spice type of oils to have a complimentary, blended, aroma.
    A touch of ginger oil can been handcrafted, with other natural oils, in a homemade shampoo. Ginger has been known to either control or help get rid of dandruff. A homemade shampoo with, a very small amount of, ginger oil can be cleansing, conditioning and nourishing for the hair and scalp. There are many, healthful, benefits of ginger root and ginger essential oil! Ginger is used around the world in a variety of ways!
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    Home Remedies For Acid Reflux and Heartburn

    Home Remedies for acid reflux and heartburn is best option to control acid reflux and heartburn symptoms, since these items are easily available at home and give immediate relief.
    Baking soda, water and lemon juice
    This home remedy for acid reflux and heartburn is probably the most used with the greatest success for the temporary relief of heartburn. In a tall glass put two tablespoons of baking soda. Fill the glass half full with cold water. Pour the juice of one fresh squeezed lemon in to the baking soda solution. You will be amazed at what happens. I would suggest that you perform this procedure over the kitchen sink, as the fizzing of this solution will flood over the glass. Try to drink this as quickly as possible, as it is the fizz and water that will relieve your heartburn. Be warned that this remedy produces sodium in the system. If you suffer from hypertension, it is not advisable to over use this remedy. A few Tums would be a safer choice.
    Raw Potato Juice
    Wash a potato well (preferably organic). Do not peel the potato. Juice the potato and mix the juice with an equal amount of water. Drink immediately. Do this three, or four times a day as needed. Potato juice has been used for centuries to make the stomach more alkaline. Before the advent of juicers, the potato was simply allowed to stand in water for several hours before drinking. The juicer method is much more potent. Try it. You will definitely benefit from this home remedy for acid reflux and heartburn.
    Celery and cabbage Juice
    Celery and cabbage are both very alkaline in nature. The more alkaline you can become, the less you will be prone to acid indigestion. Of course a juicer is required to make this drink as well as potato juice. I juice celery and cabbage together every day. Be sure to drink it freshly made. You be amazed at how good this makes you feel.
    Papaya & papaya juice
    Eat a fresh papaya with your meals. Papaya contains papain, which has a soothing effect on the stomach and aids in the digestion of protein. Papaya is also loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals. I sometimes juice several papayas and drink it as an afternoon treat. Papaya is very alkaline, as well.You can also take papaya enzyme in a chewable tablet form.
    In Europe it is customary to drink bitters after a big meal. Bitters contain herbals that aid in digestion. They also contain a little alcohol. Bitters can be taken in 11 tablet form as well. Taking bitters has been known to help some people avoid the start of heartburn. Bitters are usually beneficial to those who have lower stomach acid (hypochlorhydria). It is believed that Bitters stimulate digestive function by increasing saliva, stomach acid and digestive enzyme production. If you suffer from too much acid (hyperchlorhydria), bitters could exacerbate the problem.
    Fresh ginger, which is sold in every grocery store, has been used for centuries to aid in indigestion. It seems that ginger has the ability to absorb acid. It has a side benefit of calming the nerves, as well. Ginger may be eaten raw or taken in capsule form just after a meal. Start with one capsule and work up to more, as needed.
    Try these home remedies for acid reflux and heartburn and you will benefit a lot, as the excessive secretion of acid in the stomach will be reduced and moreover these natural home remedies for acid reflux and heartburn have no side effects.
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    Top Five Foot Heel Pain Remedies

    Years of walking and running can wear down our feet, and can be hard on our heels. Likewise, poor circulation, improperly trimmed toenails, disease and tight fitting shoes all contribute to pain in the heel.
    1. Massage with water
    This treatment is ideal for any type of foot or heel pain and only needs a container of hot and cold water. Here's what you do:
    a. Soak your foot for 5 minutes in cold water
    b. Move the foot to a container of hot water of a tolerable temperature. The temperature of the water should not be cool or even lukewarm
    c. Soak the foot in the hot water for 5 minutes
    d. Return to the cold water
    Repeat the procedure until the pain is gone. This process has a massaging effect that revitalizes feet by opening and closing blood vessels.
    It is also a great idea to rub moisturizing lotion into your feet before getting into bed. The lotion makes feet easier to massage and therefore bring relief faster.
    2. Put some heat on your feet
    Using ointments enriched with capsaicin, an active natural ingredient in hot peppers also helps in relieving foot pain.
    These products are excellent in cooling the pain caused by burning feet particularly for diabetes patients. Initial application of the ointment may cause some burning sensation for many people, but when used regularly, the burning effect is likely to lessen.
    Moreover, people who been using the capsaicin in treating their burning feet have experienced great improvement and were able to walk more easily compared to those using other types of creams. Best of all, since these are topical medicine, patients tend to avoid a lot of side effects that usually happen when taking pills.
    Most ointments are available over the counter, however it is important to talk with your doctor before you begin, as this type of therapy is not right for everyone.
    3. Avoid high-heeled shoes
    For recreational walkers and runners it is important to temporarily lower how much you're walking or running when you're about to use brand new shoes. This will help you to eliminate many of the break-in pains. Advances in shoe development have made modern athletic footwear much less likely to cause a problem than ever before.
    4. Stretch out your calf
    Stretching the heel cord at the back of the foot can relieve heel pain.
    Start by:
    a. Standing three feet away from a wall, place your hand on the wall.
    b. Lean in to the wall, bringing one leg forward and bending at the elbows.
    c. Keep your back leg straight with the heel on the floor and then gently stretch the calf muscle.
    d. Repeat for the other foot.
    e. Buy shoes that fit the shape of your feet.
    Shoe size is considered to be the most important aspect in buying shoes -- but the shoe shape is equally important. You read it right; the shape of the shoe is also an important factor to consider.
    There three basic foot shapes -- curved, slightly curved and straight. Although, there may be some variations, generally those individuals with high arches need a curved shoe; those with flat feet need a straight shoe and those who have neither flat or high arches need a slight curve.
    When buying running or walking shoes it is best to select shapes that fit the curve of the arch on the inner side of the foot.
    Before you try any of the remedies discussed here, consult your own doctor for the treatments that will be best for your unique situation.
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    6 Powerful Home Remedies for Stretch Marks That Really Work

    Stretch marks are linear scars that occur on the body when the skin is stretched past its flexibility capacities. This normally happens due to sudden weight gain caused by pregnancy, a burst of growth during puberty or bulking up for body building. The hormonal surges that can accompany pregnancy and puberty also contribute to the development of these scars. The stretch marks are red or purple in color when they are new but fade to white or silver as they age.
    It is recommended to treat the scars when they first appear as they are harder to get rid of when they are older. It is best to try to prevent them in the first place and there are a lot of home remedies for stretch marks that can help both in preventing the scars and treating them once they have appeared.

    1. Dieting: One of the most simple of the home remedies for stretch marks involves eating a healthy and nutritional diet as well as keeping the body well hydrated. A healthy body has healthier skin that can resist stretch mark scarring and also repair damage more efficiently. Good foods for healthy skin include products made from whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as cold water fish.
    2. Vitamin & Mineral Supplements: The skin needs many vitamins, minerals and nutrients to stay healthy, flexible and supple. These include vitamins A, E, C and K as well as the mineral zinc. Taking a vitamin, mineral and nutrient supplement every day will ensure the body has these essential ingredients and is better equipped to defend and heal itself.
    3. Exercising Daily: A regular routine of exercise that emphasizes stretching can help to break down scar tissue as well as increase circulation and blood flow for improved nutrient delivery to the skin.
    4. Exfoliation Techniques: Exfoliation removes a thin layer of surface skin to help remove scar tissue as well as dead skin cells. It is accomplished by using a cleanser that has exfoliating ingredients like tea tree oil or alpha hydroxy acid or is mildly abrasive like oatmeal or baking soda. The applicator that is used apply the cleanser should also be mildly abrasive such as a loofah, coarse sponge or soft bristled brush.
    5. Massage Therapy Treatments: Massage is one of the home remedies for stretch marks that has been used for many years with good success by numerous people. Massage improves circulation and blood flow in the body so that more nutrients are delivered to the skin and the pressure involved in the technique helps to break down scar tissue.
    6. Creams for Stretch Marks: There are a lot of natural and holistic creams and lotions that can be used to prevent stretch marks from happening, reduce the visibility of existing scars or even remove them all together. Cocoa butter has long been used as a folk remedy for stretch marks but the list of holistic products that work on the scars is a long one. Some of the more effective include shea butter, aloe vera, emu oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, mink oil, castor oil, almond oil and liquid vitamin E. Each of these natural home remedies for stretch marks works in slightly different ways so it is possible to mix them together in order to get even better results.
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    10 of the Fastest Ways to Clear a Stuffy Nose

    If you don't know how to stop a stuffy nose, all you need to do is try some of the techniques below and you will surely find some relief.
    Step 1: Keep your head elevated. When you're in bed, be sure to use more than one pillow so your head is raised. This is done so the mucus doesn't collect in your sinuses and allows your nose to dry. Standing or walking can also help clear your nose.
    Step 2: Use a hair dryer. Turn on the hair dryer and breathe its hot air. The idea is similar to covering your face with hot towels. The hot air will dilute the mucus. This is similar to being in a sauna without increasing the temperature of your entire body.
    Step 3: Purchase products like Tiger Balm containing high levels of menthol and camphor. Vicks VapoRub can also be used, but Tiger Balm is much better. Rub it gently on the nose area, chest and throat. Tiger Balm can cause the skin to become hot and red, but it's not dangerous. The steam rising from the menthol and camphor will warm the face and nose so that the respiratory tract becomes more relieved.
    Step 4: Use a Nasal Spray. Spray works very well and will not go into your throat. Sprays can be found easily at grocery stores and drug stores. However, keep in mind that the use of many sprays is only a short term fix, because they are addictive.
    Step 5: Use items that stimulate the olfactory. Squirt some essential oils, like peppermint, eucalyptus or rosemary on a handkerchief and breathe the smell. You can also spread peppermint oil on the part under your nose. The smell may sting but it will help to relieve your stuffy nose.
    Step 6: Use vinegar mixed with hot water. Add vinegar into water, boil and then smell the fumes. Be careful with the sharp smell and stinging.
    Step 7: Cough drops. This is just a reminder. Now days cough drops come in a wide range of flavors, so you're almost guaranteed to find some that you like.
    Step 8: Massaging the bridge of your nose. Massage the area between your eyebrows and the bridge of your nose. This will help to break up the mucus. Repeat the massage as often as necessary.
    Step 9: Chewing gum. Chewing gum, especially peppermint scented, will help relieve your nose. This activity can be done anywhere and without side effects. The only drawback is if you wear braces, this may not be for you.
    Step 10: Open your vehicle's window. Open the window of your vehicle slightly when you drive. This may be less convenient than using the AC or heater, but you need to replace the air inside your vehicle which will provide fresh air for your nose.
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    Breast Cancer - 10 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

    "Your biopsy tests positive for breast cancer." These is a sentence feared by all women. In 1971 President Nixon declared war on cancer. Since then billions of dollars have been spent on fighting cancer. It seems the only arsenal this war has come up with are the antiquated weapons of poison, slash and burn. There is still no cure. Very little of the money used for the war on cancer is used for cancer prevention. Yet it is far easier to prevent cancer than to cure it.
    Cancer is a systemic disease. This means that even if the cancer has manifested itself in your breast tissue, the actual problem is system wide. Because of this, breast cancer can't be prevented solely by specifics. It requires an entire lifestyle change.
    Having said that, there are number of changes you can make to your lifestyle that will reduce your risk of getting breast cancer (and all other cancers). I have chosen, what I consider to be, the most effective to share with you.
    Before I list them for you, it would be helpful for you to understand what cancer actually is. Jane Plant, "Your Life in Your Hands", describes cancer as "Cells behaving badly." Our cells operate under the control of the genes in our DNA. These cells grow and divide in a controlled way to produce more cells as they are needed to keep the body healthy. When cells become old or damaged, they die and are replaced with new cells.
    However, sometimes this orderly process goes wrong. The DNA of a cell can become damaged or changed, producing mutations that affect normal cell growth and division. When this happens, cells do not die when they should and new cells form when the body does not need them. These mutated cells thrive in an anaerobic environment and get their energy from metabolic waste. The extra cells may form a mass of tissue called a tumour.
    By definition, a cancer cell is a normal, healthy cell that has undergone genetic mutation to the point that it can live in an anaerobic surrounding (an environment where oxygen is not available). In other words, if you deprive a group of cells of vital oxygen (their primary source of energy), some of them will die, but others will manage to alter their genetic software program and mutate in a most resourceful way: the cells will be able to live without oxygen and derive some of their energy needs from such things as cellular metabolic waste products.
    Only five to ten percent of all breast cancers are due to genetic predisposition and over 70% of all gene mutations are caused by environmental factors. This puts you in a very powerful position to be able to significantly reduce your risk of the gene mutations that cause breast cancer.
    I have listed the suggestions starting with the most important and most effective:
    1. Eat a whole-food, plant-based diet with lots of raw foods: Diet is the most prevalent cause of genetic mutation. It can also provide the greatest protection against cancer. But which diet? Studies carried out by Dr Dean Ornish show that our blood has powerful anti-cancer compounds. That's a good thing. Even those on a Standard American Diet (SAD) have blood that fights cancer. However, the blood of vegans (those who consume no animal products what-so-ever) decreased cancer growth by nearly 8 times over the blood of those consuming the Standard American Diet. Another study conducted at Loma Linda University found that vegans have 34% lower rates of breast cancer to other women. Other dietary factors include: sugar consumption processed foods, gluten, chemical additives, transfats and over-eating.
    2. Give up drinking alcohol: One alcoholic drink per day increases your risk of getting breast cancer by seven to ten percent. Not only that but breast cancer survivors who consume three to four drinks a week increase their risk of a recurrence by 34%.
    3. Give up smoking: Although smoking is usually associated with lung cancer, the carcinogens in cigarettes affect the whole system. Women who smoke are 24 times more likely to get breast cancer. The risk doubles if those women start smoking before having their first baby and increases to 61 times more likely if they start smoking before their first mentrual period.
    4. Engage in a high level of physical activity: Women who exercise for more than three hours a week reduce their risk of breast cancer by 25%.
    5. Don't take Hormone Replacement Therapy: As many breast cancers are estrogen dependent, it makes sense to minimise your exposure to estrogen. Two studies published in 2002 and 2003 link HRT to a higher incidence of breast cancer.
    6. Supplement wisely: Three quarters of all women with breast cancer are vitamin D deficient. Maintaining optimal vitamin D levels decreases your risk by 45%. Ensure your vitamin D levels are optimal through regular blood tests and if they're not take a supplement. Those with diets rich in DHA Omega 3 fatty acids are two thirds less likely to get breast cancer. We usually think of fish for our Omega 3. But flaxseeds have shown special protective factors due to their content of dietary lignans, a class of phytoestrogens, which have an anti-estrogen effect. Conversly, artificial folic acid (in the form of supplements) has been shown to increase a woman's risk of breast cancer. So obtain all your follic acid from natural, food sources - green leafy vegetables.
    7. Watch your weight: Obesity is said to be the primary cause of 17% of all breast cancers, especially after menopause. Luckily, if you follow the dietary and exercise suggestions listed here, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is easy.
    8. Don't fry or grill foods: Cooking at high temperatures without water or steam creates acrylamides in carbohydrate foods (eg.chips) and heterocyclic amines in meat (especially chicken). Both these substances are highly carcinogenic.
    9. Have two or more children and breast feed them for up to two years each: When we are pregnant and breast feeding we are exposed to lower levels of estrogen, which in turn, lowers our risk of breast cancer.
    10. Avoid unnecessay radiation: This includes radiation caused by imaging tests, such as xrays (including mammograms), CT scans, PET scans and bone scans. Remember that mammograms are not preventative and cumulative radiation exposure over a person's life time includes exposure from this breast cancer detection tool. Alternatives to mammograms, that are not publised or encouraged by the medical profession for breast cancer detection, include: thermography, MRI and ultrasound. If you are serious about preventing breats cancer, this is something you should look into and discuss with your doctor.
    My hope is that these suggestions will not overwhelm you but empower you to start making changes and keep making them.
    Remember that permanent change is best accomplished with baby steps. This is what holistic health coaching can help you with by providing information, encouragement and accountability to keep you moving forwards towards your health goals.
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    Does Your Liver Need An Overhaul? The Importance Of Liver Flushing

    If you experience major, persisting health problems, either physical or emotional, your liver may be congested with toxic compounds that are trapped within deposits of hardened bile (intrahepatic stones). Almost all health conditions, beauty problems and premature aging are closely linked with declined liver performance which is elusive to blood tests.
    Congestion in the bile ducts of the liver undermines the body's effort to make proper use of ingested food and vital energy. This, in turn, may lead to accentuated expressions of discomfort, including fear, anger, impatience, greed, depression, dis-ease and cynicism. Cleansing the liver of existing obstructions and impurities can help restore balance, vitality and happiness in every facet of your life.
    When The Body Complains...
    Unlike the stomach, for example, the liver never tells you directly when it is upset or needs special attention. It does tell you indirectly, though, when it starts to perform poorly. The following conditions would not occur if the liver were in optimum shape: skin irritation, weak eyesight, unhealthy bowel movements, irregular menstrual cycles, recurring headaches, unexplainable weight gain, loss of energy, sudden aging, elevated cholesterol levels, most allergies, constricted blood vessels, bloated abdomen, water retention, gastrointestinal trouble, breathing difficulties, poor memory and concentration, pain in the joints or elsewhere in the body, brittle bones, and any major illness such as heart disease, cancer, MS, diabetes or Alzheimer's.
    The liver is responsible for processing, converting, distributing and maintaining the body's fuel supply which consists of nutrients and energy. Impeding these vital functions not only affects the body's performance as a whole, but also the health of every single cell. The liver cannot perform any of these functions properly if its bile ducts are clogged with deposits of hardened bile or 'gallstones' (made of gall or bile). Gallstones are caused by a number of factors, including the modern fast pace of living, stress, imbalanced diets, disruptive lifestyle, use of medical drugs, stimulants and alcohol, and ingestion of chemical poisons, such as food additives and artificial sweeteners. Bile duct congestion results in major impairment of digestive functions, thereby reducing the nutrient supply to the trillions of cells in the body. This makes gallstones in the liver to be a major cause of physical and emotional illness.
    The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush
    The liver flush mentioned in this context is a straightforward, safe and painless do-it-yourself procedure using apple juice (or malic acid), olive oil, citrus juice and Epsom salts to dispel gallstones from the liver and, of course, also from the gallbladder. The flush is best done on a weekend at home. Although the liver flush is very easy to do, it is important to understand the process and follow all of the directions precisely. Since introducing the liver cleanse to hundreds and thousands of patients in the 1990s, I have received countless testimonies expressing total amazement about the fast and profound healing effects it produces. They encouraged me to write a book on the subject. The book includes the exact procedure and necessary background information for conducting this simple, yet most profound cleanse. Today, the liver cleanse has helped restore the health of thousands of people in all parts of the world.
    Gallstones in the Liver - The Most Common Cause of Illness
    An estimated one billion of the world's population will develop gallstones in their gallbladder at some stage in their lives. In the United States, 20 million adults suffer from gallstone attacks every year. In many cases, treatment merely consists of removing the gallbladder, at a cost of $5,000 per operation, with little or no regard to what causes gallstones. These statistics, however, do not account for the millions more who will develop gallstones in their liver or, or who already have them.
    During my 30 years of practicing natural medicine around the world I have dealt with thousands of people suffering from all types of diseases. I can document that each one of them, without exception, has had considerable quantities of gallstones in their liver. Surprisingly, only relatively few chronically ill patients report having a history of gallstones in their gallbladder. However, as can be easily verified, every person suffering from heart disease, arthritis, MS, cancer or diabetes has hundreds if not thousands of gallstones blocking the bile ducts of their liver. The presence of gallstones in the liver is the main impediment to acquiring and maintaining good health, youthfulness and vitality. Gallstones are, in fact, one of the major reasons people become ill and have difficulty recuperating from illness.
    Medicine's Most Unfortunate Oversight
    Most people believe that gallstones can be found only in the gallbladder. This is a common false assumption. Most gallstones are actually formed in the liver and comparatively few occur in the gallbladder. You can easily verify this assessment by giving yourself a liver cleanse. It matters little whether you are a layperson, a medical doctor, scientist, or someone who no longer has a gallbladder and, therefore, is believed to be free of gallstones altogether. The results of the liver cleanse speak for themselves. Once you see hundreds of green or beige-colored gallstones floating in the toilet bowl during your first liver flush, you will intuitively know that you are on to something very important in your life.
    I am repeatedly asked the intriguing question - why is there only little or no reference in mainstream medicine to the occurrence of gallstones in the liver? The failure to recognize the incidence of gallstone formation in the liver may very well be the most unfortunate oversight that has ever been made in the field of medicine, both orthodox and complementary forms. Heavy reliance on blood tests for diagnostic purposes, as seen in most medical practices, may actually be a big disadvantage with regard to assessing liver health. Most people who have some sort of physical complaint usually have perfectly normal liver enzyme levels in the blood, despite suffering liver congestion. Liver bile duct congestion is one of the commonest health problems, yet conventional medicine makes little or no reference to them, nor does it have reliable methods to diagnose these conditions. Liver enzyme levels in the blood become elevated only when there is advanced liver cell destruction, as is the case in hepatitis or liver inflammation. Liver cells contain large amounts of enzymes. When ruptured, the enzymes enter the blood and signal liver abnormalities. By then, however, the damage has already occurred. It takes many years of liver bile duct congestion before such an event becomes possible.
    Unless there is a specific liver disease, such as liver cirrhosis, this vital organ is rarely considered a 'culprit' for other diseases. The majority of gallstones in the liver and gallbladder consist of the same 'harmless' constituents as are contained in liquid bile, with cholesterol being the main ingredient. This makes most of them 'invisible' to X-ray and ultra-sound technologies. Therefore, standard clinical tests are not a reliable way to detect gallstones (hardened bile) in the liver.
    On the other hand, a qualified iridologist, an Ayurvedic physician or a natural health practitioner who knows the signs and indications of gallstones in the liver and gallbladder, can quite easily determine the extent of gallstone formation in these organs. Most people in the civilized world have gallstones. But even in alternative or complementary medicine, there is rarely mention of an effective therapy that can actually remove gallstones safely and without pain. Even when all other disease-causing factors are eliminated, if gallstones are still present in the liver, they remain the hidden harbingers of future illness.
    Reaping the Benefits
    Those suffering from chronic illnesses usually have several thousand gallstones congesting the bile ducts of the liver. Some stones may have impacted the gallbladder as well. By removing these stones through a series of liver cleanses, and maintaining a reasonably balanced diet and lifestyle, the liver and gallbladder will be able to restore their natural efficiency, and most symptoms of discomfort or disease in the body will quickly begin to subside. Allergies will lessen or disappear, back, neck and shoulder pain will dissipate, and energy and wellness will improve dramatically. There is no part of the body that doesn't benefit from liver cleansing.
    Sweeping the liver clean eliminates thousands of bits of poisonous substances that have helped form the stones that block thousands of liver bile ducts. Cleansing the liver bile ducts from gallstones is one of the most important and powerful procedures to regain or improve your health and raise the body's vibration. By reopening the bile ducts, the body's energy circuit becomes restored and healing can take place on all levels of body, mind and spirit.
    Andreas Moritz is a writer and practitioner in the field of Integrative Medicine. He is the author of 13 books on various subjects pertaining to holistic health, including The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation and Cancer Is Not a Disease. His most recent book is titled 'Vaccine-Nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time'.
    Moritz is also the creator of Ener-Chi Art ( ) and Sacred Santémony.
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    How to Heal Cuts in the Corner of the Mouth

    Those of us who experience awful cuts in the corner of the mouth called Angular Cheilitis know that it is painful and embarrassing and often extremely hard to get rid of.

    Cuts and lesions that appear at any part of the body that constantly moves around such as the inside of the elbow, finger joints and the back of the knees are very hard to heal because the skin expands and retracts as we move about. The mouth is probably the worst of these cases however as it is in constant use talking and eating and is often wet and many substances pass by it such as food and our hands that may contain problematic bacteria that can infect it. Angular Cheilitis in fact usually becomes much worse because the cuts become infected often with Candida albicans also known as thrush which causes the corner of the mouth to become inflamed, itchy and often covered in sores and crust.

    To understand how to heal your cuts and stop them coming back you must understand the cause of this condition. Angular Cheilitis is typically caused by a lack of vitamins within a person's diet focusing mainly on vitamin B and iron deficiencies that have a marked effect on your skin and especially the corners of your mouth. This is sometimes initiative of a poor diet and malnutrition but can also because by a number of other reasons why your body may be deficient in these things.

    Making up these deficiencies in your body is of prime importance to keeping the cuts from reappearing but will not solve your immediate skin problem. Most doctors recommend certain types of lip balm and anti-fungal creams but many patients report little success with many of these and using them becomes very difficult as you often end up licking the substance which tastes terrible and makes it useless as the bacteria thrives on moisture which is readily available at the corners of your mouth.

    So what is the best way to heal cuts in the corner of your mouth if it is such a good place for infections to grow? The need is for a treatment that deprives the affected area of moisture and will not be washed away during the natural course of the day.
    If you need a natural treatment to heal your Angular Cheilitis that puts all pharmaceutical medicines to shame and is guaranteed to work click below to find out the secret!

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    Does Vicks Help Foot Fungus?

    Athlete's Foot is a very painful, unsightly, and unforgiving fungus of the foot. It is called "Athlete's Foot" because it is usually spread by bacteria found on gym floors, in gym showers, and on gym equipment. A good way to avoid it is to never go into a gym barefooted, and always wear shower shoes or flip-flops in the shower and locker room. So, does Vicks help foot fungus, or is it a myth?
    Toe Nail Fungus is No Fun
    The condition is related to ringworm of the foot or, "tinea pedis". Common symptoms include scaling, itching, flaking, and peeling between the toes and also red, dry soles. If you were unfortunate enough to have caught it, you might be trying to find a cheaper, more natural solution than an expensive prescription or over the counter drug with artificial ingredients.
    Natural Toenail Fungus Remedies
    There are many natural home remedies to treat Athlete's Foot. Some suggest soaking the feet in a mixture of one part vinegar to four parts water twice a day while other recommend spraying the infected area with hydrogen peroxide twice a day for four or five days depending on severity.
    Treating Nail Fungus
    Another viable solution is to use Vick's Vapor-rub that will answer the question, "Does Vicks help foot fungus?". Most households have this to treat sore throat, cough, and allergy symptoms. Vick's has been associated with many crazy remedies, including eating a scoopful when feelings of a cold come up. Using it to cure Athlete's Foot will probably be easier to swallow, pardon the pun. The recommended way to use Vick's to cure fungus nails is to coat the infected area with a thick spread of Vick's: wrap in a plastic wrap or cotton wrap, secure tightly, and wear for a few hours. This process should be done twice a day until the infection is gone. Reports show that the infected area may discolor, especially under toenails, but do not be alarmed, that is the Vick's killing the infection. It should take up to a week to start seeing results.
    Toe Fungus Treatment that Works
    Some speculate over what is in Vick's to cause the healing of the infection. The three main ingredients are: camphor, eucalyptus oil, and menthol. Since the biggest way to irritate athlete's foot is to let it breathe, it may be the menthol which is the biggest help, since menthol opens up the pores and allows air to pass through.
    The actual science on "Does Vicks help foot fungus?" it is hard to find.
    But whatever the science may say, there are many home remedy groups that are adamant about the curing possibilities of Vick's Vapor Rub. Since it has so many uses in other areas, it's at least worth a try. It may be just the foot fungus treatment you are looking for. Why spend a lot of money on costly treatments when you can use something as simple as this for a fungus nail cure?
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    Natural Wrinkle Cure - Age Old Traditional Beauty Secrets Unraveled For You

    Women in ancient times had no access to botox and fillers and various kinds of invasive or non invasive face lifts. Yet, in spite of living in such primitive conditions, they were able to preserve their beauty till their old age! How was that possible? This was because of widespread use of natural wrinkle cure using traditional beauty secrets. In this article I will share some of those natural wrinkle cure secrets with you to help you regain your lost youth.
    Natural wrinkle cure # 1 - olive oil and honey
    Honey or rather 100% pure and natural organic honey is nature's best hydrant and moisturizer. Use honey as a moisturizer on cleansed skin right from your childhood. You will never have to worry about wrinkles in old age.
    Make a mixture out of 1 table spoon of cream, 1 table spoon of olive oil and half table spoon of honey. All the ingredients have to be pure. Now you have to apply this mixture on your face and let your skin soak in the goodies. After an hour or so, gently wash off.
    Natural wrinkle cure # 2 - Almond paste
    Soak 4 or 5 almonds overnight. In the morning, peel off the almonds and mash them. You can add a bit of milk cream to this mashed almond mixture and slather on the almond paste on your whole face as a pack or you can directly mash the almonds and apply that on your wrinkles daily. Leave on for half an hour and wash off with cold milk.
    Natural wrinkle cure # 3 - Grapes
    They say that you should take a fresh grape and slice it in half, rub the two grape slices directly on your wrinkles and fine lines. Let the juice soak in. Leave it on like that. Your wrinkles will disappear in a few weeks. Red grapes are the most beneficial in this case as they contain Resveratrol that can retard ageing. Besides grapes are rich in antioxidants.
    Natural wrinkle cure # 4 - fruit therapy
    You may even use the core of tomato or pine apple or papaya or mango or avocado directly on your wrinkles. Gently rub the pulpy juice all over your face, concentrating especially on the wrinkles and let the mixture dry up. Use cold water to cleanse your face. Never rub your face too hard.
    Natural wrinkle cure # 5 - vitamin E therapy
    Another natural wrinkle cure that I can suggest will be the emptying of the contents of 2 or 3 vitamin E soft gelatinous capsules in a glass bowl. To this you have to add half tea spoon lemon juice, half tea spoon honey and 2 tea spoon plain yoghurt or curd. Use a wet cotton ball to apply this mixture on your face and wrinkles. Leave on this mixture for around 20 minutes and then rinse off.
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    Natural Self-Care for ADD-ADHD

    Experts recommend a holistic approach for living with ADD/ADHD. As well as learning as much as you can about ADHD and receiving support from peers and professionals, here are some self-care strategies that can increase your well-being and help you function at your best:
    1. Realize that having to focus all day can be draining and find the time to rest and renew. This could mean playing a video game, taking a walk, reading a good book, or just lying on the couch and staring at the ceiling! The most important thing is to NOT feel guilty because taking the time to re-energize your body and mind is an essential component of functioning at your best.
    2. Try to evaluate whether you are putting unrealistic demands and expectations on yourself. None of us are perfect and having ADD/ADHD and executive functioning challenges makes certain aspects of life harder. Practice recognizing your accomplishments and all the good things that you do. And try to develop some compassion for yourself if you fall short. See if you can give yourself a break.
    3. Spend time with caring non-judgmental people whenever possible. Creating a personal support system where you can be yourself and feel accepted is crucial for everyone, ADHD or not.
    4. Find ways to feel grateful every day. Most of us take so much for granted that we often overlook our blessings. Do we have food to eat? A warm place to live? Our health? Family? Safety? Some people keep a gratitude journal and others just say a prayer of thanks every night. Do whatever works to remind you of everything good in your life. When we read the news about starvation, violence, loss, and terror, it can broaden our perspectives and lessen the importance of losing our keys!
    5. Practice taking brief pauses throughout the day to become aware of what you are thinking, feeling, or doing in the present moment. If we set reminders (electronic or written) to trigger us to step back and observe ourselves, it can help in so many ways. This observation can be called mindfulness. Is my attention matching my intention? In other words, did I really mean to be checking my emails right now? Is my neck tense? What am I telling myself about this task I am avoiding? Developing the skills to step back and observe ourselves can help us make sure we are acting in our own best interests.
    6. Exercise! Dr. John Ratey, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain suggests thinking of exercise as a form of medication for ADD/ADDH. Exercise improves attention, energy, and mood. Anything aerobic, even 30 minutes of brisk walking, can cause your brain to release endorphins, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These brain chemicals increase your ability to focus and pay attention. So if you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or don't know where to start, try running up and down some stairs or doing jumping jacks!
    7. Keep yourself fueled with healthy food and liquids throughout the day. This means different things to different people, depending on whether you are a vegetarian, a meat eater, on a Paleo diet, or whatever! Regardless, a diet low in sugar and simple carbs and high in fruits, vegetables, and good quality protein is probably best. Try not to go too long without eating and keep yourself hydrated. These all add up to an optimally functioning brain and body. If you tend to hyper-focus, you may want to set electronic reminders: Don't forget to eat!
    8. Get enough sleep. Staying up late seems to go along with ADHD and some people get a second wind at 11 p.m. It helps to develop a bedtime routine that will work just for you. For at least an hour before bed, what could you do that would allow you to relax, let go of the day, and get ready for sleep? Some suggestions are keeping the lights low, listening to relaxing music, slow stretching, meditation or yoga, turning off electronics, and settling into bed with a book. What time should you start winding down? Once you've figured it out, set an alarm to remind you to start your routine. Not easy, but getting enough sleep can improve your whole next day and help you function at your best.
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