Tooth Pain Relief Right From Your Kitchen - 4 Products

What is a tooth ache? You have a cavity and now it has reached the nerve or root or you have developed an infection. There could be other reasons, but for the most part these are the main reasons. Whatever treatment you need is going to be decided by your dentist. You may need to have the tooth pulled or maybe you could just need a root canal. You are not going to know the answer until you reach the dentist office, but you have a problem now. You have severe tooth pain and you need the pain to be gone now.

Herbal toothache remedies from your very own kitchen
Have you ever noticed that most problems occur at night time. Now you have a toothache and it is killing you and it is night. You can't sleep due to the pain, you need help. It would be easy to swallow some tooth pain medication and see your dentist in the morning, but, you don't have any medication and all the stores are closed. Now what? You are having severe tooth pain, you need to sleep and can't, what do you do?
Don't worry, you have the stuff right in your kitchen to help reduce the severe tooth pain. Some of these can really provide some serious pain relief. Below is a list of some herbal toothache remedies for your pain relief for this severe tooth pain.

Clove - a lot of people use clove oil for tooth pain relief. Sometimes people don't have clove oil. You can use a few cloves to do the same thing. You want to bite on the cloves to get the juice onto the affected tooth with the pain. Clove as you may or may not know is a natural analgesic. You can feel the pain leaving your tooth almost immediately.
Asafetida - This substance can work wonders for tooth pain relief and can get you through the night. Take a pinch and some lemon juice and make a paste with these two substances. Next you want to warm up the mixture. Use a cotton swab and apply the mixture to the tooth that is having the pain. This is going to be great because the tooth pain relief is going to be fast and total, which is what you are looking for. Now you can get some sleep and get to the dentist in the morning.
Garlic - this is going to make a great tooth pain reliever. What you are going to want to do is use the clove of garlic after you have slightly smashed it and mix it with some rock salt. Then just put the mixture on the tooth to relieve the pain.
Pepper - take some pepper and mix with a little juice from some mashed cloves. Use this mixture as a topical pain relief for almost instant tooth pain relief. Use this mixture on cavities that are large and bleeding.

Here you have some herbal toothache remedies that are going to get you through the night when you are having severe tooth pain. You won't have to run out to the drug store to pick up tooth pain medication. Print this out for future use when you are suffering from severe tooth pain.
By: Steve A Madigan
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