Top Natural Cure for Vitiligo: 5 Natural Remedies

cure vitiligo. In traditional Ayurvedic approach to cure vitiligo, the main target is your digestive tract. It is an alternative treatment for vitiligo in which proper diet will be recommended by experts with certain restrictions (salt is eliminated from diet completely). With this approach, it is possible to remove all toxins or "ama" from the body, and purify the body with heat therapy, oils and purgation. Blood will be removed from the body through a procedure known as venipuncture. Organic herbs and leeches are often used o the affected parts of the skin, as a part of the treatment, Ayurvedic approach is quite different, but it is highly recommended.
Gingko Biloba
Gingko Biloba is a herb, which is highly effective in curing vitiligo. It has shown notable re-pigmentation of skin.
Picrorhiza is an Indian herb that has been used for treating different types of skin conditions, including vitiligo. It cures the condition by inducing re-pigmentation of skin. This herb is widely used, both naturally as well as in the form of herbal medications.
St. John Wort
St. John Wort is a commonly used herb that offers skin benefits. It is the safest and most effective natural cure for vitiligo. The herb can be used by boiling its flowers and leaves and filtering its raw parts from its juice extract. The juice should be drunk thrice daily, after meals. The herb can also be applied onto the affected areas of your skin.
Lemna Minor
Lemna minor or wild duckweed is an excellent home remedy for vitiligo. It works by reactivating melanocytes, which promoted re-pigmentation of the skin. Grind lemna minor, add honey to it, and drink one teaspoon twice daily.
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