Pomegranate Essential Oil - A Natural Bliss

Pomegranate essential oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit Pomegranate through the process of cold pressing. It is originated from the parts of Asia, Africa and Europe and it is extensively grown in the hilly regions due to the apt moderate climatic conditions. The fruit pomegranate consists of about 200 to 1400 tiny seeds which are known as pomegranate arils. These arils taste sweet in savor. In the eighteenth century, arils the seeds of this essential oil giving fruit were brought to America for the extensive commercial production.
In Judaism, this fruit is considered to be a symbol of virtue and justice and it is consumed on every significant special events and festivals. Moreover, Christians employ this fruit for their religious decoration purposes and it also symbolizes as one of the good things of god's creation as it is grown in the garden of paradise.
Therapeutic Properties of Organic Pomegranate oil
Pomegranate essential oil is a rich source of vital minerals and vitamins required for the healthy body and mind and posses numerous therapeutic properties that includes antioxidant, anti ageing, anti microbial and has a lot of healing elements. This organic oil is pale yellow in color and has a very mild fragrance and it blends amazingly well with other carrier oils.
Numerous Beneficial Uses
Digestive System: Natural pomegranate oil is enriched with elements which further help in the treatment of disturbed digestive system and other stomach related ailments such as cholera, diarrhea and dysentery.
Improves cardiac functioning: This organic oil is a good source in maintaining the adequate blood flow in the body. It reduces the risk of cardiac arrest and heart strokes. This essential oil comprises of various antioxidant agents that helps the blood arteries clear of any clots and thus, controls the cholesterol of the body.
Oral health: Pomegranate oil is proficient enough to maintain the good and health oral health of the body by killing the bacterial and viral infections that can cause dental plaque.
Skin Care: It is an excellent source in improving and treating the damaged skin and extensively used to moisturize and massage the skin. Thus, help in maintaining the skin's pH level.
Cancer: Pomegranate oil constituted of a high level of anti oxidant elements which are very effective in fighting the cancer radials and it is efficient enough to eradicate the risk of prostate and breast cancer.
Anemia: This natural oil is a good source of iron which is very essential for the people who are suffering from the deficiency and are anemic. It further reduces the symptoms of dizziness, weakness and exhaustion in the body.
Help in Diabetes: It is very advantageous for the diabetic patients and very capable of reducing the threat of coronary diseases. Thus, maintains the required sugar level of the body.
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