Ladies Learn How to Tone Your Thighs at Home

What Woman Want To Have: Toned Thighs
If you are a woman and you want to learn how to tone your thighs in the comfort of your own home this is the article for you. I'm not going to have you doing a lot of squats as I feel these only make your thighs bulky or even have you doing a lot of jogging every day. There are a couple of things you can do that are simple and only take about 10-15 minutes out of your busy day.
Steps To Tone Your Thighs at Home
1. Jumping Rope
Jumping rope is not only an excellent form of cardio but it also helps develop and work the entire leg. Jumping rope is a known form of cardio that will help shed pounds of weight and will have your thighs and calves looking great. Just skipping rope for about 5-10 minutes per day is all it takes.
2. Walking on The Treadmill
Okay so I should make it clear you wont just be walking on the treadmill you will actually be walking backwards on the treadmill. Don't be scared a lot of women do it and it is rather easy once you get the hang of it and of course you have handles to hold on to. Walking backwards stresses the butt and hamstring areas of the thighs and makes it a great way to tone your thighs and if you are courageous you can put it on a slight incline.
Body Weight Lunges
Lunges are great for working the thighs and can be done while you are watching television and the best thing of all you don't even need to use weights. Simply do about 25 lunges per leg nonstop rest for 30 seconds than repeat for up to 10 minutes.
Toning Your Thighs Doesn't Mean Losing Fat
Although these are great tips for toning your thighs you are still going to have to lose the fat layer that is keeping you from seeing them. The only way to see your newly toned muscles is to get to a lower fat percentage so that muscles become visible which is achieved through proper diet and exercising.
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