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5 Super Health Benefits Of Oranges

Oranges are a tasty fruit that are often associated with Christmas but are available all year round. In addition to this, oranges are extremely healthy and support your body in numerous ways. In this article I will be outlining 5 of super health benefits of oranges.
1) ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION: One of the main health benefits of oranges is that they are rich in flavonoids, phytonutrients and vitamin C which all act as protective antioxidants within the body. Antioxidants fight dangerous free radicals (harmful by-products of oxygen related reactions) in your body and stop them damaging your body's cells. In addition to this, antioxidants reduce the signs of ageing and prevent inflammation within your body's cells.
2) ARTERIOSCLEROSIS PROTECTION: Another health benefit of oranges is that the vitamin C within this fruit helps to keep your arteries soft and supple and prevents the onset of arteriosclerosis (a condition where your arteries harden and lose their elasticity). In the long term arteriosclerosis reduces the flow of blood within your body which leads to pain and increases your heart disease risk.
3) CANCER PROTECTION: Oranges are rich in dietary fibre, vitamin A and vitamin C which all have cancer fighting properties. Cancer is a very serious health condition which leads to rapid, uncontrollable growths within your body and in the worst cases can be fatal.
4) HEALTHY BLOOD: Oranges contain high levels of multiple blood boosting nutrients. The dietary fibre and vitamin B1 within each orange helps control blood glucose levels (which is particularly good news for diabetics). In addition to this, the calcium and potassium found within oranges can help reduce blood pressure. Finally, the vitamin B1 in oranges promotes the production of strong, healthy blood cells.
5) HEART DISEASE PROTECTION: Another fantastic health benefit of oranges is that they lower your heart disease risk. The numerous antioxidants in this fruit help to directly reduce your heart disease risk by protecting it from oxygen related damage. In addition to this, the improved blood health that comes from eating oranges indirectly lowers your heart disease risk by reducing the strain that high blood pressure places on your heart.
As you can see, oranges are a highly protective fruit. So if you do not eat this fantastic fruit already make some changes and incorporate oranges into your diet today. Swapping a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps for this fruit can make a big difference and help you unlock the health benefits of oranges.
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How Effective Are Crest White Strips

The effectiveness of the Crest white strips depends largely on the size and shape of the user's mouth. The Crest strip covers the 6 front teeth. If a Crest strip user has a smiling mouth that shows more than those 6 front teeth, the Crest strips might not give that user effective tooth whitening.

While Crest strips do cover only the front 6 teeth, Crest strips do tend to be a bit larger than other strips. Crest strips are probably the best choice for someone with a large mouth. Of course, someone who deserves mention in the Guinness Book of World Records might not feel satisfied with the teeth whitening achieved by use of Crest strips.

The effectiveness of any product can be more easily ascertained when it is judged against some sort of "gold standard." In relation to Crest test strips, the whitening tray serves as the gold standard. How does the whitening obtained with Crest strips compare to the whitening obtained with a whitening tray, one that relies on 10% carbamide peroxide?

For some people, the Crest strips create a real challenge. Some people encounter difficulties, when they try to apply the strips to their teeth. Their struggles might lead them to wonder just how to whiten teeth.

Some users of Crest strips praise the stickiness of the strips (a feature that can make application a challenge). Those users say that the Crest strips do not dislodge easily. Some other strips do come off with ease, sometimes even before they are supposed to come off.

Crest strips do offer something not found in all teeth whitening products. They give the user a consistent amount of whitener. Each strip has the same amount of whitener. Use of a whitener in a tray does not always have that same level of consistency.

The user of Crest strips should understand that whitening strips do not come under the same controls as medication. They are not regulated by the FDA. That being said, it should be noted that Crest whitening strips do undergo an extensive testing procedure.

Most users of Crest strips appreciate the need for hand washing, before application of the strips. Strip users do not want to get dirt or germs in their mouth, even if it does make their teeth whiter. Strip users should know that they must also wash their hands after they have applied the Crest strips. Chemicals on the strips can transfer to the fingers, and they can irritate the skin on those digits.

The ability of those chemicals to irritate the skin raises a question concerning the strength of the chemicals in the Crest strips. Are they strong enough to kill the germs that cause gingivitis? The chemicals used for professional teeth whitening are said to have the ability to kill any germs that can cause bad breath.

The effectiveness of Crest whitening strips derives from the characteristics of film chemistry. The thin film created by the strip must perform the work of a dentist's gel in a tray. The effectiveness of that thin film disappears, if the Crest strips are not applied correctly. Crest strips will be most effective, when the user of those strips can follow the directions inserted into the strip package.

When purchasing Crest strips, a consumer should keep in mind the fact that there are two kinds of Crest strips. Professional strips can be purchased by consumers who shop online. Professional Crest strips contain 6.5% hydrogen peroxide. Original Crest strips contain only 5.3% hydrogen peroxide.

Both professional strips and original strips are meant to be used two times per day. The user keeps the strips on his or her teeth for a 30 minute interval. 
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6 Skin Benefits Of High Mountain Oolong Tea

According to an article published in the August 2000 issue of the Archives of Dermatology, green tea is good for the skin as it contains polyphenols. Teas of all kinds, whether green or black, contain some antioxidants that contribute towards a healthier skin. High Mountain Oolong tea is a slightly more processed than green tea and slightly less processed than the traditional black tea. Hence, it combines the benefits of both.

How Can High Mountain Oolong Tea Improve Your Skin?

High Mountain Oolong tea is rich in vitamin A, B, C, E and K along with certain amino acids. Due to its high nutritional value, it offers the following skin benefits:

1. The antioxidant agents present in this tea can cure acne and other skin inflammations by purifying the blood.

2. It improves blood circulation which results in a healthy glow on the skin.

3. Brewed tea bags can be stored in the refrigerator and used later as herbal under-eye pack. The cool properties of this tea along with its vitamin richness help to remove the puffiness and darkness under the eyes.

4. This tea can also be used as a final rinse while shampooing your hair in order to bring the lustrous shine back.

5. Due to the astringent properties of this tea, you can also use it to rinse your face. It removes all the toxins and dirt from your face that gets accumulated in the skin pores due to pollution. So, whenever you step into your home after a heavy day, wash your face with the water of its residue leaves.

6. High mountain Oolong tea is a natural remedy that has been used in China for long in order to treat skin irritations and infections. Daily consumption of this tea will immunise your body and prepare it to fight against free radicals. As you are healthy from within, the effect will show up on your skin.

Brewing Method for High Mountain Oolong Tea

For availing the benefits of the High Mountain Oolong tea, it is necessary to brew it in the right way. While making this tea, it should be steeped in the hot water, not boiled. The reason is that on boiling this tea it loses its flavour and many of the vitamins. Consequently, its nutritional value turns to zero. Therefore, keep one spoonful of this tea in a cup of hot water for around five minutes. The water temperature should be between 180F to 190F (not boiling). By :
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